Supervisor Training

This training discusses the skills necessary to become an effective supervisor. Each session is comprised of (2 days) and is designed to stand-alone so that you may attend at your convenience. However, it is recommended that these sessions be taken within a 2 year period in order to receive certification.

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) is currently in the process of redesigning this program. The next training will be scheduled in October 2005. Updates will be ongoing within the next 2 months.

Section 2 - Leadership Skills

This training will suggest ways to be a more effective leader, motivate employees, manage time/change, and create positive office culture. It will also assist in decision making and problem solving.

  • Creating a mission and vision, writing unit plans, motivation, time management, decision making/problem solving, managing change/power, office culture, leadership, etc.
  • This course is recommended for current supervisors and line staff (with supervisor approval)
  • The course is offered 4 or more times per year (2 day course, 7 hours each day)


Course 105222
Class - 06-001695

APRIL 10-11
Course 105222
Class 06-001696

JUNE 26-27
Course 105222
Class 06-001697

Course 105222
Class 06-001698

Refer to UTC for class schedule